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We believe fitness is a holistic endeavour, involving all your senses.


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Many fitness trainers have realised that feeling well incorporates many aspects of a persons life.

But not many have realised that feeling and looking good is also an aesthetic experience.

New Range | JOY OF LIFE | June 2017

We make beautiful athletic apparel for active women from the paintings of our founder, artist and designer Stephanie Burns.

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In May Stephanie Burns, our artist and designer, flew out to Los Angeles to paint coastal scenes of California for a TV . The documentary is a series on "Colour In Your Life". Watch the video to learn more about our paintings and fabrics Here

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Our art form is focused on showing the innate beauty of nature. From our nature-inspired artworks to original custom fabrics, you can see how much we love celebrating the natural world. Should you want to get updates about our creations or learn more about the artist behind these lovely creations, we invite you to join our email list or dial the provided phone number.

 Aqua Burns


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