Joy Of Life - June Collection Launch

May 31, 2017

Joy Of Life - June Collection Launch

Catalog text;

"As I walked into the London stately home, the chandelier glistened with a thousand colors unseen to most eyes, but more vibrant to me than the Impressionist masterpiece hanging on the wall behind it. Standing underneath, demure, and surrounded by the men and women of intelligentsia, she stood, staring up, alone in the crowd. The only other person, I saw looking up to admire the chandelier, was the bell of the ball. 

With more Joie De Vivre than a movie star, she stole the lime light whatever room she entered with a presence more radiant than the movie stars that surrounded her. But she wasn't a public figure, no, Mary was just ours, she was a private language on the scene.

If somebody talked about Mary B... they were on the inside, movie directors tried to get her for their films but she said no to all of them. There was an intangible magnitude about her. She came from another time when ballrooms shook the martinis glasses, with the heart and heavenly chatter of people at their finest. If you were to put it on screen she would have blown up, on billboards and cinema screens all over the world, Oscars would have lined her living room mantle piece, instead of the Henry Moores and African antiques which stood in as their substitute. Somehow movies would have ruined her specialness, for us at least.

After the years of courtship, Jean Cottreau took her hand in marriage, a Monte Carlo old money French aristocrat whose sole occupation it seemed to be studying, finding and acquiring the finest things in life. His collection of old master Renaissance paintings rivaled the National Galleries of the world. His Post-Impresionist collection toured internationally every year. And his name could be found on the 'special thanks' plaques of every major arts institution in the south of France. But he was lucky to find Mary, we all knew that. Somehow he'd snagged her heart for good. And she was a permanent fixture to his mansion over looking the Monte Carlo harbor, as much as the medieval armor on the staircase worn by Louis XIV. 

The second time I met Mary was at the Beverly Hills Hotel when my parents took me on a trip to Los Angeles, she joined Francis Coppola over a bottle of red wine and spaghetti. But that didn'‪t stop her from lighting up the room when I caught eyes with her and she came over to greet me. I looked up to Mary throughout my 20s. I knew though I had my art and that was something that Mary didn't have for all her charm.

There were whispers throughout the scene soon after that that Mary was fallen ill, the C word was bandied around and mortified to hear it.

The last time I saw Mary was 15 years ago, her head was wrapped in the finest scarf I had ever seen, she told me she'd picked it up from a recent trip India. I asked what had taken her so Far East. She told me it was to see a medicine man, a guru, deep in the mountain to find herself reborn. She told me the doctor gave her six months to live, and there she was in front of me, with a smile on her face never more full of optimism for the future. 

She had found a new life amongst her greatest adversities, nobody on the scene ever saw her again. I still think about Mary, and the way she lives now.

Probably in the jungle of dreams by tiger striped waterfalls and reaching for the heavens each morning with mystic men awash with all the strangeness and beauty that seems so far away from the scene, but I suppose that's really where each of us are headed and this group that feels like the very top, vibrating with the cultural life of the international metropolis, is really the training ground for a more personal journey into the dark forests of the world" Laurence Fuller

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This catalog entry was written by my son after we had the talk about my having lumps on my lungs and the discussion with my lung specialist. Nothing is definite at the moment, except that I am treasuring every day. The Joy of Life is about this time in my life dealing with the consequences of my younger life of smoking. Just valuing each day and not worrying while I wait for the next tests.

I love what I do and I love how much all of you appreciate new and different high quality activewear and design.

Thank you.


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